Estate Planning

Helps plan for the transfer of assets incase of death. Management of a person’s assets during life and after death.


A person who is picked to take care of a child/children. The person is assigned by the Court or a will.

Marital and Family

Legal matters involving spouses and family. Examples of marital and family law: prenup agreements, divorce, alimony, child custody and child support.

Civil Trial

A case where a Plaintiff files a lawsuit against a Defendant. The Plaintiff seeking money or other remedy from Defendant.

Wills, Trust and Estates

A will is a legal document on how to distribute assets, guardianship of kids, and wishes after a person dies.  A Trust can be set up for the management of deceased person’s property and assets.


The operation of a business and forming a business, such as a corporation.   Advising corporations on their legal rights and duties.


Process where a person/couple assume the legal responsibility for a child. The child’s or person’s biological parents give up all rights and responsibility of person/child.


One party (the insured) pays the insurer money to protect the insured from loss and damages. Types of insurance: car, health and life insurance.


Prepare an elderly person on issues that affect them such financial planning and long-term care options. Examples of issues long term care planning, guardianship, Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid matters.


A written agreement between two or more parties. Examples of a contract: a lease for an apartment, or an employment contract.

General Practice

Practices in multiple areas of law. Handles matters in many different areas of law from contracts to family matters.